FATIMA (ファチマ)

誕生日 1996/04/25
性別 女性
日本語 話せない
大学・専攻 セブ技術大学
講師キャリア 1年
趣味 音楽を聴く,ギターを弾く, 料理
好きな映画 ザ バンパイーア ダイアリーズ, ザー グッドドクター, ラブストーリー


Hello! I'm teacher Fatima. I believe that education is the instruction of all learning. You may not be as skillful as a native speaker but all things may be learned if you are willing to learn. Learning English language is not that difficult. There are many ways on how to enhance our different weaknesses on it. It's because learning English will really help you to be globally competent especially in the field of international business. Studying English language is the best tool for you to conduct any international transactions for it's also considered as an international language. Not just for businessmen but also to prepare all non-English language speakers to be very confident and skillful. That's why AI English Academy will really be your best friend, instrument and guide for you to reach your goals in life.




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